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Build your own shotgun with 863 pieces. 12+ Age, perfect to gift your little geniuses at home who are block lovers. The Caliber Precision M-870 replica can shoot real plastic projectiles and comes with pump-action handle, trigger and ammo. Features: Functioning pump-Action Handle Functioning trigger Recommended for ages 12 and up.

BUILDING BLOCKS: single pump-action shotgun blaster that shoots plastic projectiles. The appearance and internal structure include a lot of details (Detailed replica of the original M-870).
USES and FEATURES : Sure to entertain anyone from ages 12+. This 863 piece Shotgun is the perfect gift for kids and adults.It is constructed with building blocks and consists of a functioning pump action handle, functioning trigger.
DURABLE and DESIGN: Unique Technic Bricks Design, Shoots plastic projectile blocks (comes with 6). Has Realistic Pump Action, Made from durable building blocks made to last. Can also be used as a collectable
DIMENSIONS and INSTRUCTIONS: 21 inch inches long, 5.7 inch inches tall. Includes step-by-step instructions to make finding and assembling easy. The assembly difficulty is medium. Just assemble according to the printed instructions. There are 10-20 spare parts included.

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