IMI Defense, Polymer Side Light Mount(Black/Tan)


IMI Defense

Polymer Side Light Mount


Black | Tan

The IMI Defense TLM1 Tactical Side Flashlight Mount is made of a high quality, fiber reinforced polymer compound material to stand up to the rigors of duty. The TLM1 comes with a quick detach mount and gives a secure and stable platform to mount flashlights. The quick detach mount is reliable for tactical operation and rough handling, providing a secure mount that will never falter.

The TLM1 is designed to provide a light-weight and versatile option to mount a flashlight onto any Picatinny rail system and is compatible with lights that have a 0.75''-1" diameter. It offsets the light so that it sits to the side and above bore level. Depending on your mounting preferences, the TLM1 can be mounted in such a way that the light can be activated using a tape switch or push button on the back of the light. It is impervious to most chemicals, solvents and oils and its highly advanced thermoplastics will not shrink.

With the high quality and innovative design that you expect from IMI Defense products, the TLM1 will keep you in the light and out of the dark.

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