IMI Defense, Sig Sauer, Level 3 Holster (Black)


IMI Defense

Level 3 Retention Holster for Sig Sauer SP2022/SP2009/220/226/P227/228/MK 25, P226 Combat, P226 (Tacops)

IMI-Z1390 (Right Hand Draw)


Designed for the additional security needs of law enforcement, the military and other armed forces, the IMI DEFENSE Level 3 holster offers a secure dual safety retention mechanism with an easy combination of thumb and finger press to draw the firearm within minimal time. We achieved Level 3 protection by adding a contoured cap above the pistol to complement the highly successful IMI Defense trigger guard retention system.

The IMI Defense Level 3 Holster offers the same versatility and user modularity as our standard Roto/Retention holsters because of our unique mounting system that allows connection with any of our platforms and the ability for the user to determine rotation angle btw. 0-360° Level 3 Retention Roto Holster for Sig Sauer – SIG PRO SP2022/SP2009/220/220 COMBAT .45/226/P227/228/MK 25, P226 Combat, P226 Tactical Operations (Tacops)


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