JSB Match Diablo Pellets, .177, 500ct


Since 1991 JSB has been offering the European market the finest air gun pellet on the market. Old world methods guarantee the same quality pellets that have been produced in the Czech Republic for centuries. Now JSB has become recognized as a market leader and manufacturer of unquestionable quality in the USA as well.

This fact has been proven by the top shooters, experts in this field, air shooting enthusiasts and weapons manufacturers including olympic teams from around the world. Just follow any air gun blog and you will see the respect that JSB pellets have from the pros.

This quality is ensured by the use of well trained employees literally inspecting each and every pellet produced under magnifying glasses. Any defective pellets are immediately rejected and only perfect pellets are allowed in each JSB tin. Each tin is weighed to guarantee that all JSB pellets are consistent in weight and dimension. No other pellet in the world can make this quality claim!

You will be amazed at the consistent quality and performance that each and every caliber and style of pellet has that is offered by JSB!

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