Nosler, 270 Win, 140 GR, Ballistic Tip (20 Rounds)



.270 Win, 140 Grain, Ballistic Tip Ammunition


Box of 20 rnds

Nosler® Ballistic Tip® ammunition is loaded up front with the accurate and reliable, Nosler® Ballistic Tip® Bullet.  Every bullet weight and muzzle velocity is optimized for maximum effectiveness on Deer, Antelope, and Hogs.

With over 30 years of continual improvement, design refinement, and manufacturing expertise, the Ballistic Tip® Hunting Bullet, has quickly become the best choice for America’s most popular game hunters.  Each bullet has a tapered jacket which controls expansion for the ideal balance of penetration and energy transfer.

Nosler Ballistic Tip ammunition has a proven track-record of accuracy and game-killing terminal performance.

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