Pro-Shot, BIO4XLP, Lubricant, (1oz)


Excellent LP, Lubricant & Preservative for firearm metal treatment
Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Odor-Free Lubricant
Excellent and Safe for Air gun Cleaning & Lubrication
4X (FOUR TIMES) as lubricious as petroleum based lubricants
Deters water
Made from renewable USA-grown crops-based vegetable oils
Reduces foreign oil dependence
Helps parts function better—frees rusted parts, prevents corrosion
Instantly penetrates and lasts longer, so it can be applied less often
Reduces heat and friction better than petroleum-based products
Higher flashpoint than petroleum, so it’s safer to use
Higher viscosity so it’s less likely to thin out at a higher temperatures
Higher film strength so it can withstand pressure better
Multi-purpose and All-weather lubricant and penetrant
-40° to 590° F Operating Temperature Range

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